Body Sculpting Sunshine Coast

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Modern Body sculpting techniques make it easier to achieve your results faster

Everything On Fleek Beauty create magic when it comes to body sculpting at our Sunshine Coast clinic. 

While we believe every body is beautiful, we also believe everyone should have the opportunity to make slight adjustments to their body as they choose so they can feel that beauty. 

Our body sculpting professionals will ensure that you achieve your desired results through our state of the art contouring technology.

Radio Frequency body sculpting Sunshine coast

Radio Frequency is an effective way to improve skin elasticity and regenerate skin cells. With the warm radio waves it stimulates the collagen fibers to tighten the skin and reduce sagginess by creating new collagen. Treatment time per section of body is 40 minutes and is recommended that treatments are done every 4 weeks for best results until desired look is met.

ems body sculpting  

EMS sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to stimulate the muscles. It sends signals to targeted muscles to make them contract. At our Sunshine Coast clinic, we use a hand device. Unlike most other clinics, this gives us the ability to properly sculpt certain areas and make them pop.

This is a non invasive treatment with no downtime. Treatment time is 40 minutes for one area. It is recommended that treatments are done every week until desired results are met.